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Agriculture & Horticulture

Modern farmers are professional farm managers who stay up-to-date with today's technologies. Moreover, they have to produce the products which today's consumers are asking for.

AVEVE supports farmers and market gardeners by supplying an extensive range of products and services, and by participating in the marketing of their agricultural and horticultural products if necessary in support of its supply activities.


 AVEVE's range of products and services includes:

Agricultural machines

Working on the land comfortably and efficiently is standard with John Deere machines, the quality brand in agricultural machinery. The Cofabel company imports John Deere machines. It is also John Deere distributor and operates a sales and service network for farmers and contractors.

Cofabel provides them with a full package, from extended repair & maintenance plans to John Deere environment-friendly lubricants.


AVEVE participates in Alco Bio Fuel, the first Belgian bioethanol production plant. Ethanol will be manufactured from grain, maize and sugar beets as a petrol additive.

Bio-ethanol is more environment-friendly than fossile fuels. It is a renewable, durable form of energy on the one hand, and its combustion produces much less greenhouse gases on the other hand. Moreover, bioethanol can be used in vehicles without any technical change to the engine.

Horticultural investment projects

Specialized hydroponic systems, advanced water disinfection techniques, mobile gully systems bringing the lettuce to the harvesting area of the greenhouse, are some of the projects involved.

Hortiplan provides market gardeners with optimum solutions for the automation of the growing process. Calling on reliable brands and on experienced engineers guarantee the required quality.

Machines for golf courses and parks

Today, parks, gardens, golf courses and sports grounds are among our favourite places of recreation. For their maintenance, John Deere and Club Car supply specific machines which are imported and sold by Fagadis.

Market gardening and flower growing

"There's nothing like a beautiful, traditional bunch of flowers!" It may look traditional but cultivating flowers calls upon the most up-to-date growing techniques.

Flower culture, market gardening and tree nurseries are the fields of activity of Sanac. It supplies growers with seeds and basic products, and provides expert advice as well.

Plant nutrition

In Belgium, manuring standards have been subject to more and more restrictions. As far as plant nutrition is concerned, AVEVE Plant nutrition provides high-quality solutions with a view to maximum yield.

Scoriethom, which is located in Geel and Aalter, is the logistic platform for the distribution of fertilizers from Belgium and from abroad. For the Walloon market, custom mix fertilizers for each type of crop are produced by Lebrun. Basic materials for agriculture are supplied by Brichart. Here also, the storage of plant nutrition and protection products complies with the strictest standards. A network of strategically located warehouses ensures fast delivery to the farmers.

The warehousing sites ‘Silos de La Meuse’ in Liége, ‘Escaut-Silos’ in Tournai and the Brichart warehouse along the Sambre in Farceinnes are located along major waterways allowing fertilizers and cereals to be delivered easily and in an eco-friendly way. So, the Wal.Agri Group relies on the huge storage capacity of the 'Silos de la Meuse' in the river port of Liège for the delivery of fertilizers and the sales of grains.

Plant protection

Nowadays plant protection is dealt with in a very reasoned way. AVEVE Plant protection provides the necessary support to farmers and market gardeners with efficient and environment-friendly treatments.

For fruit growers in Belgium, Hermoo stands for the best there is in plant protection. Its sister company Huntjens operates in the same sector in the south of the Netherlands (Limburg). The extended range of own-branded products is the basis for reasoned treatment diagrams. The issuing of warnings to growers in combination with fast delivery of the required products is a highly appreciated service.

Crop farmers and amateur gardeners as well growingly rely on the know-how of Hermoo.

Purchase of grain and maize

Crop farmers can deliver their grain and maize harvest at one of the 80 elevators owned by the group. Dealing with AVEVE, the greatest cereal trader in Belgium, stands for ensured sales at a fair price. Grain storage complies with the strictest environmental standards. Part of the stored grain is used in the manufacturing of AVEVE feeds. The other part is processed into flour or used to produce bioethanol.

Seed potatoes

The traditional potato also has its roots in AVEVE. The production, storage, sorting and marketing of Belgian seed potatoes is dealt with by Servagri.

Technical assistance of potato growers and support for the sales of eating potatoes are also part of the service. Permanent scientific research allows to keep the quality of seed potatoes at its optimum level.


The care for the quality of our food starts in the germ.

The most promising new varieties of agricultural seeds and certified grain seeds are tested by AVEVE Seeds at AVEVE's own plant breeding station in Neerhespen. Only seeds of top varieties are being marketed. The seeds are packed at AVEVE's own plant in Landen.

Horticultural seeds are supplied by Sanac.

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