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Who we are

AVEVE, leader in agriculture and horticulture

The AVEVE Group is the market leader in agricultural and horticultural supplies in Belgium. It also operates the largest garden centre chain of the country.

AVEVE is among the 100 major companies in Belgium

The AVEVE Group employs 1,700 people who realize an annual turnover about € 1,2 billion. 

This turnover puts the AVEVE Group among the top 100 Belgian companies. AVEVE itself operates 50 companies in Belgium and abroad.

The power of synergy

In a world of megamergers and giant holdings, a solid group like AVEVE provides its operating companies with a safe and reliable working environment. The financial strength of the group is a major asset for these companies in their relationships with their customers. Co-operation between companies of the AVEVE Group is systematic. This maximizes the output thanks to

  • exchange of information and know-how
  • joint research and development efforts
  • joint purchase of products and services.

A group which believes in the future

The AVEVE Group distinguishes itself by believing and investing unconditionally in the future of agriculture and horticulture in Belgium. Profits are re-invested within the group:

  • in infrastructure
  • in innovative projects
  • in research & development.

At the beginning of this new century, farmers, entrepreneurs and consumers more than ever need a reliable partner such as the AVEVE Group. AVEVE will be able to help them in accepting the many challenges thanks to its thorough knowledge of the needs of its customers.

AVEVE stands for a result-focused approach. It has the flexibility, perseverance, vision and dynamic entrepreneurship required to take up the challenges of today and those of tomorrow.


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