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Mission, statement of principle and core values

The AVEVE Group wants to play a major part in society. What is needed to achieve this is clearly stated in the mission of the AVEVE Group.

The mission of the AVEVE Group

The AVEVE Group aims to further strengthen in a profitable way its leading market position as an agricultural and horticultural supplier in Belgium and in the bordering regions.

To support its supply activities, AVEVE is actively involved where necessary in the marketing of agricultural products.

AVEVE is also determined to exploit its agricultural and horticultural expertise in the retail market and in international niche markets.

Statement of principle

The AVEVE Group is a network of innovative and successful operating companies aiming at maximum customers‘ satisfaction.
With their committed and well trained employees, the AVEVE Group and its operating companies want to be the reference on the agricultural and retail markets through optimal utilization of their mutual synergies.

The core values of the AVEVE Group

In 100 years, AVEVE has succeeded in creating the AVEVE spirit, a corporate culture with unique and solid values. AVEVE people are customer-oriented, supply quality products and services, work with sustainability in mind, think innovatively and act with integrity. Day after day they contribute to maintain the AVEVE spirit by implementing AVEVE's core values effectively.

Customer orientation

AVEVE is customer-focused, knows its customers' needs and meets them with the appropriate attitude, products and services.


AVEVE meets its customers' expectations by providing optimum products and services.


AVEVE innovates by permanently updating and improving knowledge and expertise and by sharing them with its customers.


AVEVE thinks long term, operates carefully with a sound balance between man, environment and economic yield.

See our brochure on Corporate Social Responsability


AVEVE is honest and reliable. As a loyal partner it is highly committed to thoroughness and correctness.


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