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Our Companies

Addresses AVEVE Group companies (pdf - 30 kb)

Alco Bio Fuel NV

As Belgium's major group for grain reception, AVEVE and Wal.Agri participate in Alco Bio Fuel, the first Belgian bioethanol production plant (Ghent). The other shareholders are Alcogroup, one of the major producers and distributors of ethanol worldwide, and Vanden Avenne, a company trading in grains and derivatives for the manufacturing of feedstuffs. Belgian grain mainly is used as a raw material.

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AVEVE Animal Nutrition, Sabé SAS, Voeders Lannoo-Martens NV, Mischfutterwerke Mannheim GmbH

AVEVE Animal nutrition develops, manufactures, sells and distributes a wide range of high-quality feeds for sustainable animal husbandry in Flanders and bordering areas. The market in northern France, in Wallonia and in the southwest of Germany is serviced respectively by Wal.Agri, Sabé and Mischfutterwerke Mannheim which belong to the AVEVE Group. AVEVE produces its own assortment of horse feeds, but also has a majority shareholding in Voeders Lannoo-Martens, a feed manufacturer specialized in horse feeds. AVEVE Animal Nutrition is also in charge of the reception of maize for the whole AVEVE Group.

AVEVE Animal Nutrition applies a highly developed and strict HACCP-based quality scheme. The Aalter and Merksem production facilities are GMP-certified according to the Belgian model. AVEVE Animal Nutrition supplies feeds which meet the strictest specifications of various quality labels e.g. IKM, Meritus and Certus. At the AVEVE Test Station in Poppel, new feeds are submitted to practical tests. The 'Feed & Food Quality' lab (FFQ) controls incoming raw materials and outgoing products.

Within the framework of environmental conservation, AVEVE Animal Nutrition also provides nutrient-low feeds as well as manure management and processing solutions and advice on environment-friendly stalls and animal welfare.

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AVEVE Biochem

AVEVE Biochem develops, manufactures and sells biochemical specialties worldwide for the animal feed niche market. These specialties include enzymes and natural antimicrobial oils. They are manufactured by AVEVE or third parties in compliance with the formulations of AVEVE Biochem.

AVEVE Biochem customers are premix companies, feed manufacturers and great self-mixing stock farms, mainly in Asia and Europe. This market is prospected directly and through a network of distributors.

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AVEVE Flour is the leading supplier in flour and flour mixes to home bakers in Belgium, the Netherlands and Northern France. These products are sold under the AVEVE brand in AVEVE's own shops and under the brand Soezie abroad and outside AVEVE's shop network. Baking ingredients and supplies are also provided to complete the assortment. AVEVE Flour operates its own mills which produce high-quality custom flour and flour mixes.

The flour assortment is improved and extended constantly in order to keep up with modern trends such as convenience and health (cholesterol, Omega-3 fat acids, obesity, ...). Sales support is provided through recipes, tele-service, baking lessons, demonstrations and expert advice by our shop attendants.

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AVEVE Plant Nutrition and Scoriethom NV

Through the AVEVE stores, AVEVE Plant Nutrition supplies a full package to farmers and market gardeners, and to the amateur gardeners as well, including custom service and expert advice. The range of fertilizers only includes quality products intended for reasoned fertilization. Two well-located Scoriethom warehouses, along waterways, guarantee smooth and timely deliveries of fertilizers. Customers in Wallonia are supplied by the companies of the Wal.Agri group.

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AVEVE Plant Protection, Hermoo Belgium NV, Huntjens BV

Through the extensive network of AVEVE stores, AVEVE Plant Protection supplies a total range of products for reasoned plant protection to farmers, market gardeners and amateur gardeners. Plant protection products are stored in warehouses which fully conform to the strictest storage directives. AVEVE supports its customers and dealers with information and training to use the products appropriately. Spraying schedules for all major crops help farmers to choose the most suitable plant protection product and to apply it in an environment-friendly way at the appropriate time (Integrated Pest Management).

Hermoo sells and distributes a full package of plant protection agents and advice to fruit growers and crop farmers. Hermoo is also in charge of getting proper plant protection product registrations and has acquired an international position in this domain.

Through Huntjens BV the AVEVE Group services the market for fruit growing and arable farming in Dutch Limburg, and supplies sales outlets in the Netherlands as well. 

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AVEVE Seeds screens, produces and supplies a complete high-quality assortment of both agricultural seeds and certified seed grain. In the modern AVEVE testing station in Neerhespen, new varieties of grain, beet, maize, alternative crops and after-crops are developed, tested and optimised every year.

Thanks to extensive research, AVEVE can supply top varieties with a guarantee of high quality. Seed varieties are submitted to tests in real conditions at the above testing station, on a crop farm of more than 200 ha. Stringent quality control guarantees seed grain of outstanding certified quality that conforms to the strictest standards.

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Cofabel, Fagadis SA, Belmatrade NV

Cofabel is the distributor of John Deere in Belgium. Its dealer network sells John Deere agricultural machines and supplies environment-friendly oils and lubricants. This full package comes with different extended machine warranty formulas.

Fagadis is a distributor of John Deere and Club Car machines for the maintenance of big gardens and parks, golf courses and sports fields.

Belmatrade sells John Deere sprayers.

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Compofert NV

Farmer customers of the AVEVE Group are given the opportunity to have the manure processed. Systems can be provided for on-farm manure processing to separate the thin and thick fractions. This is also done at the manure processing plant in Passendale. Yet, the liquid fraction is not simply spread on the fields. A biologic system retrieves the nitrogen from the thin fraction and turns it into atmospheric nitrogen (N2).

The AVEVE Group also participates in Compofert which operates Flander's largest tunnel composting plant. The thick fraction of pig manure is mixed with poultry manure and turned into compost. So, the AVEVE Group provides a sustainable solution in compliance with the Belgian and European regulations for manure processing. Moreover, animal waste is upgraded into a valuable resource for agriculture and horticulture.

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Hortiplan NV

Hortiplan Hortiplan provides and guarantees reliable, durable technical solutions and service to the modern market gardener, such as the labour-saving mobile gulley system (MGS) and the environment-friendly fitted container field system and its advanced water disinfection system. Hortiplan also ensures the packaging and marketing of seeds for retail sale and is therefore known as the garden seed specialist in Belgium.

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Sanac NV

Sanac supplies a full product package (seeds, products for plant nutrition and protection and supplies) and expert advice for crop farming and intensive agriculture and horticulture. Sanac has outlets in the major horticultural areas in Flanders. Sanac warehouses fully comply with the strictest environmental regulations for the storage of fertilizers and plant protection products.

Sanac also provides a full assortment of products to amateur gardeners (plant protection products, fertilizers, potting soil and supplies). Sanac is a partner of each garden centre and do-it-yourself shop aiming at maximazing its turnover per m2 by means of concepts such as the 'garden pharmacy' and 'garden accessoires'.

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Servagri SA

Servagri deals in the sales and distribution of seed potatoes to the professional and consumer markets in Belgium and northern France. It also provides technical advice to potato growers and support for the sales of ware potatoes. The quality of the seed potato is optimal thanks to ongoing scientific research. The potato varieties are expertly selected in the leading production areas. Servagri has an very modern seed potato cold storage plant.

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Spoormans NV

Spoormans manages several links of the chicken production chain, among others brooding, rearing breeding, hatching-egg production, broiler production and slaughtering. Broiler feeds are manufactured within the Spoormans Group. So, Spoormans is able to guarantee full traceability, food safety, environmental concern and animal welfare. The Spoormans production integration is Belplume-certified (poultry integrated chain monitoring label).

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Wal.Agri SA: Brichart SA, Lebrun SA, Lottin SA

Wal.Agri SA is the AVEVE Group holding company for agricultural activities in Wallonia and the French border areas. Brichart operates in the area north and south of the river Meuse. Lebrun and Lottin supply farmers respectively in the province of Hainaut and in the grassland area of the province of Liège. Both companies provide a full package of cultivation products and feedstuffs delivered directly via warehouses or independent traders.

The GMP system has been implemented in the various operating companies of the Wal.Agri group for the production and sales of cattle feeds. Fertilizer and grain storage installations alongside waterways, such as Silos de la Meuse in Liège, Escaut-Silos in Tournai and the Brichart port site in Farciennes, allow to supply fertilizers and grain in a flexible way.

Through Brichart, Wal.Agri manages the grain reception for the entire AVEVE Group. AVEVE's grain elevators conform to the strictest environmental, safety and health regulations. It also participates in the PTMV/OVPG, a consultative organisation for the processing and trade of vegetable raw materials and products. AVEVE so contributes to the traceability of grains used in finished products such as bread and feedstuffs.

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