Hobby feed

Your pet and our feed: a perfect match

AVEVE Group has an extraordinarily good reputation for producing high quality feed. Our network of innovative production sites in Western Europe allows us to offer consumers worldwide the best feed for their pet or farm animal. We are currently active in more than 50 countries in addition to our home markets in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. With our customers’ high rate of satisfaction resulting in annual sales of more than 130 million kg in bags, we are convinced that we are the best partner for feeding every pet in the world.


Our brands offer all the best for families and breeders

AVEVE Group has more than 175 years of experience in animal nutrition. Our extended range of feed products and brands allows us to deliver the perfect feed for all kinds of animals. We can offer the best nutritional solution not only for pets, but for farm animals and sports animals, such as pigeons, as well. Both breeders and consumers can count upon our expertise. With our feed experience, your animal becomes the happy, healthy and high-performance animal it deserves to be.


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